Birsreshtho Jahangir Bhaban

The Academy Block of Feni Girls’ Cadet College is unique in its outlook. The Vice Principal is the Head of the Academy Wing. It consists of classrooms, galleries, computer lab, and language lab; archive gymnasium workrooms of Faculty Members, Staff Lounge. There are 13 classrooms including the 01 for the humanities cadets. All the class rooms are well equipped with modern teaching facilities including multimedia plus projector and CC Cameras. There are 03 well-furnished galleries in three floors. The 03 Science Departments (physics, chemistry and Biology) have their respective laboratories. Besides, the college has its Computer Lab furnished with 30 computers. There is a gorgeous Staff Lounge for the officers and members of Faculty. In addition, the college is adorned with a Language Lab where cadets are taught phonetics, pronunciation and communicative language. Furthermore, the college is also enriched with an Archive where antics have been kept to commemorate the past events. Finally, FGCC has filled its riches by arranging a Gymnasium.

Fatima House

Fatima house is named after Hazrat Fatima. House motto
is "Enlightened Life Forever". House symbol is Sun.
House color is Red.
Hazrat Fatima (R:) was the daughter of Prophet Mohammad(SM) and his first spouse Hazrat Khadiza (R:). She was gifted with acumen and good character. She was married to Hazrat Ali (R:).  She would live a very humble life attending on her husband and doing her household chores. Hazrat Fatima (R:) obtained all the qualities of an ideal woman. She had some noble qualities like truthfulness, patience, charity, shyness, devotion for husband and complete dependence on Almighty Allah. She was the piece of heart of Prophet Mohammad (SM:). She is the leader of Women in heaven. This house has been named after the model of womenfolk of the world, great woman-Hazral Fatima(R:)

Ayesha House

Ayesha house is named after Hazrat Aisha. House motto is Intellect Be Advanced. House symboln is lekhoni(pen).
House color is green.

Ummul Mumineen Hazrat Ayesha(R:) was the youngest spouse of Prophet Mohammad(SM:) .She was the daughter of the first Khalif of Islam, Abu Bakar (R:). She was a woman of cognition, presence of mind, ample knowledge, acute merit and quick sense. She had unusual knowledge of Tafsir, Hadith, Fikah, Arabic Literature and Arabian stories. Among the women, she described most of the Hadiths. Many Sahabies and Tabeyeens described Hadiths from her. In the field of religion, state and social affairs, Hazrat Ayesha (R:) was honoured and followed by all sorts of people. She was an ideal for world women community in terms of humane qualities. This house has been named after the holder of special dignity and greatness, Hazrat Ayesha(R:).

Khadiza House

Khadiza house is named after Hazrat Khadiza. House motto is "Faith Honesty Prosperity ".

House symbol is Candle. House color is Blue

Hazrat Khadiza (R;) was born in a noble family of Makka in 550 A.D. She had been a possessor of unique characteristics since her childhood. Khadiza (R;) was the best in Arabia in her austerity , good taste and holiness besides her beauty, quality, wealth, dignity and standard of the family. Therefore, everybody would call her ‘Tahira’ or ‘Holy’. Hazrat Khadiza was the first woman to accept Islam. The fame of the character of Mohammad(SM:), his intelligence, eligibility, honesty, dependency, his getting the title’Al-Ameen’ impressed Khadiza (R:) a lot and led her marry Mohammad (SM:). Later on, she handed over all her assets and wealth to her husband. During her conjugal life, her incomparable service of the husband on the one hand and Mohammad(SM:)’s genuine love and affection for his wife made each other bound in a deep spiritual knot. They two would lead their lives in utter felicity. Khadiza House has been named after this great woman of Islam.  

Parade Ground

Parade Ground

Play Ground

FGCC Play Ground


     1 x Athletic Ground

    (Also used as Basketball, Volleyball, Handball, Badminton & Cricket Ground).