Bir Shrestho Nur Mohammad Hospital

Beer Shrestho Nur Mohammad Hospital is a significant installation of the college. It is ruled by the college Medical Officer. Among other employees, there are 01×NCO Staff Corporal, 01× Matron, 01× Pathology Technician (Temporary), 02× Hospital Attendants, 01×Phamacist (Now Retired). All the cadets and employees receive their primary treatment from this hospital. Here patients are treated with utter care. There are 20 beds for the patients. There has been a Medical Assistant to offer first aid service along with medicine. The hospital remains open from 0600 hrs to 1400 hrs every day. Besides, cadets, employees and officers are given emergency service 24 hours. Indoor service is only rendered to the cadets who are admitted in the indoor ward. The medical store is enriched with medicines required for the patients. In the Pathology Department, CBC, Urine R/E, RBC, FBS, 2HABF AND GTT, S,creatinine, LFT, Lipid Profile, Triple Antigen, widal test, ICT for Malaria, RA Test, ASO, VORL, Stool are tested. Minor sewing, plaster and operation are also conducted at the OT. There are some essential apparatus in the hospital like ECG Machine, LET messenger, Nebulizer machine, Suction machine, Physiotherapy light, Multi-monitor, Hot Water bag, Sterilizer machine, OT light, Wheel Chair and Patient Trolley .

Bir Shrestho Munsi Abdur Rauf Library

Beer Shrestho Munsi Abdur Rauf Library was established in 2006.The library is enriched with huge number of books. At present, it has as many as 12,569 books. There are books on different subjects written by various writers. The library is adorned with books on literature of Bangla and English, Science subjects (physics, chemistry, biology, botany, and mathematics), ICT, Current Affairs. There are collections of Reference Books according to the demands of both the teachers and cadets. Besides, there are collections of journals and magazines of home and abroad. Library Class is also arranged for every class according to their routine. Both teachers and Cadets can issue books according to their choice. The library is also equipped with modern amenities like computers and internet connection. There are 06 computers in the library for the cadets and teachers to browse books.

Cadet Canteen

Canteen Items:

 Food Items (Biscuit, Coffee Chocolate, Ice cream, Chips, Chanachur, Soft drinks etc)

Stationeries (Eraser, sharpener, shoe colour etc)

Useable Items(Arm batch, plum, epaulette etc)