Cadet Abida/648


1.         Waiter : You are insulting me by giving 5 taka as tips.

            Man : So, how much should I give you ?

Waiter : 5 taka more.

            Man : Sorry, I can’t insult you twice.


2.         Shopkeeper : This book will ensure 50% mark in the exam.

            Boy : So, give me two books.


3.         Teacher : What are the features of an ant ?

Student : It helps us to find out the box of sweet which is hidden by my mother.


Cadet Marufa/658


1.         Talking between a Mother and her son in Airport.

Son : Mom, how do the people color this vast plane ?

Mother : Why, don’t you see the plane when it flies through the sky. How does it look?

Son : Very small.

Mother : That time people use to color it.


2.         Potato, Potato, Potato ...........

Buyer : Excuse me. what is the price of 1 kg potato ?

Salesman : 10 TK, Per kg.

Buyer : What ? Some days ago it was TK 8 per kg.

Salesman : I used to give it before but I don’t give it now.

Buyer : Okay, Then give me 1 kg potato.

Salesman : OK. Here you are. Hey, excuse me. Hey, Hey, why don’t you give the price ?

Buyer : I used to give it before but I don’t give it now.







I feel elated to know that the 13th issue of 'The Intrepid' is going to be published amidst the crowded programs of Cadet College. The aim of this English periodical is originally to patronize as well as to delight our budding writers. Cadets should keep their habit up in pursuit of knowledge and experience by exploring their latent talent through ceaseless efforts. They have shown their utmost zeal and enthusiasm to make this publication a successful one.


     I am very much delighted to see their initiative and impulse for publishing 'The Intrepid' and hope they will keep their literary prowess up in days to come. I also thank all concerned in bringing out this magazine in light. 



Md. Lokman Hakim


Feni Girls’ Cadet College



 (English Editorial)

13th Issue

16 December 2018

Board of Publication


Chief  Patron             :           Mr. Md. Lokman Hakim

                                                Vice-Principal and Acting Principal


Cover Designing         :           Arts & Crafts Department.


Office-in-Charge      :           Mr. Soumen Sen

Assistant Professor,

Department of English


Panel of Editors         :           Cadet Zeba/428

                                                College Cultural Prefect

                                                Cadet Rifah /466

House Cultural Prefect, FH   

Cadet Sristy/430

House Cultural Prefect, KH,

Cadet Raisa /458,

House Cultural Prefect, AH,


Computer Editing     :           Mr. Md. Saiful Alam

                                                Computer Operator


Computer Compose :           Mrs.Tuktuki, Laboratory Assistant

                                                and Md. Sohel,Workshop Attendant


Binder                                    :           Mr. Md. Firoz Miah

                                                Book Binder



4.         Teacher : Prima, tell me some effects of watching cinema.

Prima : The tendency of beating and fighting is increasing in our society.

Teacher : Very good. Give some examples.

Prima : Whenever I sit to watch cinema my father starts to beat me.

5.         A person goes to library and says,

Person : Give me a book on how to commit suicide.

Librarian : Sorry, I can’t give it.

Person : Why??

Librarian : Then who’ll come to return the book?

6.         Servant : Master, I won’t stay here. You don’t believe me at all.

Master : How can you say so ? Even I leave the keys of my locker in the table.

Servant : That’s right. But none of those keys can open the locker.

7.         Modhu : Hey Bidhu ! What are you doing now a days?

            Bidhu : I’m working with literature

Modhu : Are you serious ??

            Bidhu : Actually, I’m doing the work of book binding.

8.         Teacher : Then tell me. which one is nearer, America or the moon

            Student : Obviously, the moon, teacher.

Teacher : You fool ! How can you say that ?

            Student : Can you see America in naked eyes from here ?











Cadet Nalanda/616

Once a boy went to his father and asked him

- ÔÔ Father. Father. What does father mean?””- ÔÔ You rascal! Go away from here

The boy went away from there. Again after some time he went to his father and asked.

  • ÔÔ Father. Father. What is the meaning of sofa ?ÕÕ
  • ÔÔ Donkey! Go or you’ll get a slap


The boy again went from three. After some time he again came back and said

            - ÔÔ Father. Father. What is guest?

            - ÔÔ Idiot ÕÕ

Saying that his father went to the toilet. After a while a guest came to visit them. The boy after opening the door said that,

- ÔÔ Come, Idiot, come. Please sit on the donkey. The rascal has gone to the toilet.”

1.         Teacher : Farhan, Tell me the formula of water.

            Farhan : H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O.

Teacher : !! ? What do you mean?

            Farhan : Yesterday you said the formula as H to O.

2.         Runa : You know, When my sister speaks the whole country listen to her.

            Muna : Is she very famous?

Runa : No, actually, she is a news reporter

3.         A film director is explaining drama to the actor.

Director : In this scene, you’ve to jump from a twelve storied building.

Actor : But I’ll die if I do so !

Director : Don’t worry, it’s the last scene of drama.








As a new day starts, the lively tender cadets of FGCC make the campus celestial with their new aims and aspirations. The aesthetic spectacle of the campus is simply bewitching with 338 enthusiastic and zealous cadets. As a delightful member of Cadet College family, FGCC has passed 12 years successfully. Keeping the signs of the sparkle, brilliancy and potentialities of the cadets in every sector of literature and music FGCC is marching forward with a new vigor. FGCC as a proud cadet college, despite of her lots of drawbacks, has proved herself as an eligible member of cadet college family with the glorious accomplishment of the cadets in the ICCLMM for the last consecutive 12 years, FGCC has become The champion in the ICCLMM-2013 and 2014 respectively. Besides, the performances in other literary and music events also deserved praises. To expose and display the dormant qualifications and literary innovations of the cadets of Feni Girls’ Cadet College, this is our little endeavor “The Intrepid”


Cadet Zeba (428)

College Cultural Prefect






“Life is not measured by the

Number of breaths;

But by the moments that

Take our breath away”- Robert Frost

Our lives have also been flourished with such wonderful moments. We, the 338 cadets, are marching forward towards the ultimate glory with our alma mater on our shoulders. The Fenians proved their dexterity with the dint of their exertion, enthusiasm, love and devotion towards their alma mater and they are always engaged in enriching it.

Our flamboyant cadets who are nourished with great potential have unfolded their aptitudes on the competitive stage of ICCLMM- 2018, It was initiated by college cultural prefect Cadet Zeba (428),Cadet Sristy(430), Cadet Rifah(466), Cadet Parisa(474), Cadet Faiza(499), Cadet Progga(522), Cadet Iffat(524), Cadet Mofashewra(526), Cadet Arpita(529), Cadet Shruti(570), Cadet Swagata(633), Cadet Zim(661) and so on. We have wrested away the discipline trophy of IGCCSM and become runners-up in IGCCDM-2017 with decisive splendor.

Our college has also given us the ardour to blend the qualities and spread out all that are best in us in both national and international arena, Cadet Noushin (450) has achieved the best position paper in BUPMUN. Cadet Zeba(428), College Cultural Prefect, has represented our college in the education training organized by the Duke of York’s Royal Military School in Dart moot, UK. Cadet Sabila(446) has also showed marvelous performance, without any prior experience, in the adventure training of Stowe School in UK. Her range of Cultural exchange was not only rationed in UK but also got Stowe an extension up to FCC when the students of Stowe School stepped into our country for their adventure.


Cadet Nafiza/ 588

One day a naughty boy was talking with his father who is a renowned engineer.

Son      : Papa! Is it true that you take bribe?

Father  : How such a matter came into your mind suddenly?

Son      : I have heard other people saying this.

Father  : Oh dear, don’t believe in the words said by other people.

[One month later, the boy got the report card of his year final exam]

Father  : (being angry) Have you failed in the year final exam?

Son      : From where have you known all there?

Father  : All the people of your school authority informed me

Son      : Oh papa, why are you bothering about the tittle-tattle of other people?


1.         One day a child was demanding ice-cream from its mother.

            Child : Mother, please buy me an ice-cream?

            Mother : No, no. You will catch cold.

            Child: Ok, mother. Then I’ll eat ice-cream wearing sweater.


2.         One day two friends went to coffee shop.

            1stfriend : Finish the coffee quickly!

            2ndfriend : Why ?

1stfriend : Because the coffee is getting cold. The price of cold coffee is more than hot coffee.























Our cadet are also effectual to wrench away the eminence in academics too. The cadets of 12th intake extended the splendor of our alma mater with a 100% GPA-5 in JSC exam 2017. The Cadets of 10th intake also showed brilliant performance in SSC exam. The glorious Cadets of 8th intake glorified the name of our college by excellent result in HSC examination. Cadet Iffat(524) and Cadet Sagira(422) obtained brilliant mark and achieved wonderful success in SSC and HSC examination.

In carrying the splendid values and conventions of our alma mater, We, the Fenians, never leave any stone unturned, with the aphorism ”Nobel Education Decent Life” and by our unanimous diligence. We are always ready to give an assurance to overcome all the challenges. And we are in no doubt that we are competent enough to make it successful. May the ever spirit of 338 tender hearts keeps shouldering and gleam the fame of our alma mater. May our Journey be graced be the almighty.


Cadet Sarah (459)

College Prefect




 Editorial                                                                                                                                3                                                                                                                                              4

College Flash

House Report                                                                                                                       7

Fatima House                                                                                                                      8

Khadiza House                                                                                                                    10

Ayesha House                                                                                                                      12


My Mother                                           Cadet Tasnia/777                                                               16 Garlands                                          Cadet Fahmida/635                                       16

In the Darkness of Ashes                   Cadet Nafisa/763                                                                17

You  are Special                                  Cadet Jahan/583                                                  17

A Single Word Mother                        Cadet Nafisa/763                                                                18

My Dear Father                                Cadet Nafiza/588                                                  19

Motivated to the Rhythm                  Cadet Faiza/675                                                 19

Evil verses Honesty                             Cadet Karar/729                                                 20

My World                                              Cadet Syeda/743                                                                21

Wish                                                       Cadet Tafrida/532                                              21

Papa:An Unsolved  Mystery             Cadet Somadrita/495                                         22




The Time of Controled Bursting Tears            Cadet Tabassum/759                         24

Dear Teacher: Priceless Excuses Written By Parents To their Child’s Teacher                                                                                  Cadet Srootosshini/565                  26

My Superhero, Saviour of the World               Cadet Tasfia/607                                                27

Life and the Reality                                            Cadet Sinha/725                                 29

The Last Smile                                                     Cadet Sadia/723                                 31

Dream It True                                                      Cadet Rounak/731                             33

Have You Heard The Tunes                             Cadet Safa/643                                   34

Bangabandhu Satellite-1                                   Cadet Tasnoor/768                             35

Wings of Dreams                                                 Cadet Sultana/531                              36


Cadet Nafiza/588                                                                                                                             41

Cadet Nalanda/616                                                                                                          42

Cadet Abida/648                                                                                                                               44

Cadet Marufa/658                                                                                                            44






- (Laughing) No ... Out of fun, I asked if I would die due to urder...

(Silence) And the answer was...?

-(Ha..ha... hmm, silence) ÔYes’ (As seen in the rear view mirror- ablunt smile...)


I laughed and asked her where I should turn then, in order to lighter the atmosphere only to realize

that the car had become unimaginably silent and that there was no person sitting at the back. I rushed down to the back and saw that the suitcase was still there, hurriedly opened it and shockingly it was that lady’s severely cut dead body. Then I soon called the police at her address and her step mother crying all over her dead body, thanked me to have at least brought her dead body back home. Before leering, she gave me a box of her homemade cookies.


(1 Month later)

The investigation reports say that there was no one in the CCTV footage, only an unknown person dropping the suitcase at the pavement from where I took it in the car. Now, being quiet shocked at what even happened, I piqued the box of cookies, it tasted good. Out of doubt, I tried that game.... Everything that she had told me, it turned shockingly true...

-What even happened with me, was it true?

Answer-   ÔYes’

  • (Gulp) who is the killer?

(The pencil dropped on the floor and without pouting to Yes/No it pointed to the opened box of cookies)


[Based on a true event of cranial cases in South Korea, there incident was –the step mother at first killed the daughter and afterwards her husband in order to get the hold of his vast properly.... In face of such a deception..... the daughter only wanted to get back home safe and sound as her last wish not knowing her lifetime was limited up to the night at airport ....Yet, she managed to get back home ....not in an ordinary way  .... Because exceptions are remembered ....]



Cadet Faiza/499


12.45 am ... while passing through the deserted airport saw a young lady with suitcase calling for a taxi. Though astonishing, still I took her in and set her address in the vehicles system

- Miss, from where have you come?

- Japan. Went there for a scholarship of 6 months. It was good a trip for learning.

(Suddenly found her very easy to mix with)

-  Now where are you headed, miss?

- Of course to my parents. Fathers on a business trip and only my step mother is at home for now.

- Then what have you learnt newly?

- Lots of things! The best part was the traditional game of that school –ÔÔThe Knocked Out Soul’’

- Lame? How is it played?

- Actually there is a ritual that if you want to ask questions, there you go on knocking the walls of your listing place, and there will be such a site whose you’ll feel your hand being sulked into the wall as if nothing’s there. That means the spirit lies there.

-You are not joking, miss?

- I’ve tried it out. We took a paper writing ÔYes’ and ÔNo’ on it and the pencil/Pen used for writing had to be lifted up at first, a question to be asked and then that pen/pencil to be let go off from your grip, the pointer will point for ÔYes’ and ÔNo’ as answer to your relevant questions.

- And what did you ask, miss?

- Asked how I would die. But there was no answer since it wasn’t objective type. So I asked if my death was near or not. Answer-ÔYes’

- Then what did you ask?

- I Tried different option like accident, car accident, being diseased or a normal death.

-I bet it was not any car accident since I’m driving right now.













House Motto                        : Enlightened Life Forever

House Color             : Red

House Symbol          : Sun


Even the limitless azure sky is not enough to contain the Sun when it shines with all its radiance. Even the mightiest back off when this bold fire flares up everything in its path. But victors rise up from the ashes and this feat has been see time and again in case of bold Fatemians. We have marched forward on the red carpet towards the hall of fame by becoming the overall champion in the year 2017, a feat which we hope to continue in 2018.

For the 111 Fatemians, the sky is not the limit. We do not plan to reach the sky, we plan to go beyond it. The burning red Sun runs in our veins. And with this vigour and zeal, no one can stop us. Under the unwavering leadership of House Prefect Cadet Fowzia(469), the victory stokers started on the stage with the achievements, of Cadet Rifah(466), Cadet Mahjabin(472), Cadet Parisa(474), Cadet Anika(481),Cadet Mehnaz(512), Cadet Humayra(505), Cadet Mumtahina(540), Cadet Nafisa(641), Cadet Tahsin(645), Cadet Meher(688), Cadet Nusrath(689).

The Fatimians also shown their excellence in field of winning the first game of the year, the inter house cricket competition 2018. Besides, Cadet Ferdous(478), House Games Prefect and Cadet Sabera(649) become the best batsman. We hope to keep the winning streak in this year as well. In the inter house volleyball competition 2018 the performance of Cadet Radita(470), Cadet Mahzabin (472), Cadet Adnin(508), Cadet Farha(514) have mesmerized all. We have also obtained the glory of becoming jointly champion in indoor games with the last minute win of Cadet Zim(504). Though the progress was little bit slow at the beginning of the year, the roaring redz are now back in the game after attaining the championship in academics, 2nd term 2018. This was only possible for the heart and soul try of Fatimians.



cant percent chance to get shattered!’’ Thus being aÔÔgirl’’ sometimes becomes the most cruel truth in a girl’s life.

Few days ago, one of my cousins of my age, living in the village, got married. After marriage she even stopped her study. One day she told me- ÔÔI never understood what is the goal of my life? What is the intention of coming to this earth? Taking birth as a burden over parents, studying a few days, getting married, raring up children, marrying them off, becoming grandmother and then die! I find nothing else’’. She shrugged. Though my thoughts seemed to be different from her, but I realized I have to get into the same circle too. Every girl has to go through it. That is not a problem. But going with the flow, forgetting own dreams is the problem. We know how to feel proud when our girls show their excellence everywhere; be it ground or sky. But when it turns out to be the case of our own daughter –we are afraid of the society. Can’t we create such a society which will give the girls a safe environment? We don’t want ÔÔSultana’s dream’’ (Begum Rokeya) to come true; we don’t want a female dominated society. But we want such one where we cat at least dream freely. I request, please, let us dream!


















Wings of dreams

Cadet Sultana/531

ÔÔ Thanks to my father for not cutting my wings and letting me fly.’’- Malala Yousufzi Standing at the stage of Nobel peace prize ceremony, looking at her father when Malala uttered those words, the whole gathering applauded with respect. The central attraction for that moment was her father, continuously wiping his tears with a proud smile spread over his face. At that moment I paused the video and looked over the girl’s face for a second; a Pakistani girl, wearing a simple kurta with scarf over her head, a deformed still determined eye with hope & inspirations, knows how to fight, how to make that own which i rightfully hers! Thinking of her, somewhere in myself I feel strong too. Afterwards I thought, she is courageous no doubt, but how courageous her parents are! In spite of being surrounded by the communists they didn’t go with the wind; they didn’t stop their girl only because she is a girl. She had a dream and like most other girls those were not nipped at the bud. Their trust and support made Malala so strong that even the bullet of the communists couldn’t harm her. Realizing own capabilities is a great thing which she could do.

Once while reading a blog, a line just caught my attention. The blogger wrote like this- ÔÔ Many people accuse the women’s dress up for the abuses they face. But I say a slum girl going to school. Wearing salwar kameez most of the time becomes the victim; never the girl of upper class of the society!’’ Pondering over the issues of a girl’s life what I realised is that there remains two causes behind every obstacle of a girl. Firstly being a ÔÔgirl’’ and secondly the economic stability of the family. When a girl first steps into teenage life from childhood the difference between her life and a boy’s life becomes clear to her. She comes to know of her few limitations as a girl. But is it necessary for her family and society each time to make her remember those? Is it necessary to turn the limitations into weakness? Society imposes conventional, illogical laws upon her but laws are never enforced when the same girl is abused openly. We find very few girls expressing their dreams because families inject it through their vein that - ÔÔ Never dream too high! You are a girl. Yours dreams have the


The Fatimians have always had an artistic mind showing their brilliant ideas in every sector. Specially in the wall magazine of inter house competition Cadet Fahima, Cadet  Mehnaz, Cadet Salma, Cadet Paromi, Cadet Afra have worked tirelessly to show the creative minds. The most mind blowing achievement of the year was championship in CAD competition 2018. The Fatimians worked tirelessly day and night to achieve the trophy, a passion for the last 5 years Cadet Fowzia(469), Cadet Radita (470), Cadet Rahmi(513), Cadet Nargis(517), Cadet Elma(516) all well as the cadets of the house have contributed immensely to gain the achievement, a source of pride and prestige for house. Cadet Rahmi (513) became the best performer in CAD-2018. Many events have ended but many are yet to come and we hope to dominate them all.

The blood of Fatimians known as athlete blood since the inception of the house have always ruled the athletic ground. We will return to repeat the feat again this year. Cadet Oishi(476), Cadet Nabiha(483), Cadet Sadia(480), Cadet Sharmin(506), Cadet Shaila(520), Cadet Samala(545), Cadet  Oyshi(556), Cadet Sifa(552), Cadet Khing (558), Cadet  Sabera (649), Cadet Shreeya(641) Cadet  Nusrat(689 ,Cadet Golshan (681), Cadet Mehzabeen ( ) have achieved glories results in the field overs year and will continue to do so.

In this year Cadet Adnin(508) also become the best player in the volleyball competition. In the basketball competition, cadet Sabera become the best scorer. In senior group, Cadet Ferdous(478) become the best scorer and the best player.

At the end of the day, the sun set to give space to the moon. But the vigorous Redz will never accept defeat. So, with vigour in hearts and dreams in eyes, we inspire ourselves ready to reach to the ultimate goal.


Cadet Fowzia (469)

House Prefect







House Motto                        : Faith, Honesty, Prosperity

House Color             : Blue

House Symbol          : Candle


“We are the voice, coming from

The distant Heaven,

We are illusions flying over

The liming wall,

Blue blooded we are,

Faithful and Honest,

We are full for one

And one for all”


Every morning the vast azure sky persuade the 111 ÔÔBlue blooded’’ combatants ofKhadiza House to overcome boundless bristly path ways dauntlessly. Bearing the house motto ÔÔFaith, Honesty and Prosperity’’ at the bottom of their hearts, they are unitedly marching forward to grasp the zenith of triumph and spread the emblem of flamboyance, confidence and ecstasy ’’.

We the Khadizians, are nourished with multidimensional potentials to flourish the cultural domain. We achieved Championship in many Inter House Stage Competitions like English Extempore, English Debate, Bangla Extempore. The excellent performances of Cadet Zeba (428), Cadet Labiba (429), Cadet Sristy (430), Cadet Moiytryee(444), Cadet Samantha (571), Cadet Muhasina (608), Cadet Zannatul (611), CadetMayesha (702) have brought this success. Cadet Sristy (430) has proved her potentially in the Inter House Dance Competition.

The Khadizians had also proven their ability in Games and Sports throughout the year. The performances of Cadet Rifa (562), Cadet Maria (613), Cadet Lily Shine (718), Cadet Tahmida (608), Cadet Fabliha (534), Cadet Punong June (535) have notable contributions to make the house.





Cadet Tasnoor/768


Satellite is an artificial minor planet used for communication, weather forecast and research. Besides that, it is also used for knowing data and statistics outside the earth. Bangladesh entered on 11th May, 2018. Through the launching of Bangabandhu satellite-1, Bangladesh 57th member of the World Satellite Club. It was launched from 39A Launch Complex of Kenedi Space Centre situated at Frorida of USA. After launching Stage-1 set off when arrived at its destination. Then the engine of Stage-2 started. Stage-1 was returned at Attantic submerged Drone Ship. And Stage-2 took the Satellite to Geostationary Transfer Orbit. There, the satellite was released from the main portion. The whole process took 33 minutes to be completed. After setting free from the rocket three ground stations of UK, Italy and South korea took control over Bangabandhu Satellite-1 and took its IOT (In Orbit Test). After the IOT it comes in the control of Gazipur Ground Station. To create its own place at specific 119.1º east longitudinal distance of space. The launching complex from where it was launched Apollo-11 was also launched form there which took human being to the moon for the first time. The launching of it will be marked out for being the first successfully launched Satellite of the new version of Falcon-9. The rocket company space-X is dreaming to send astronomers to the planet Mars in this satellite in December. Bangladesh will be independent in Global Telecommunication. Bangladesh will get 40 more services. Among these some are DTH (Direct To Home), Radio broadcast or broadcast of Satellite Television, Internet advantage, Telemedicine, V-Sat, E-learning, E-Research, Video Conference, Emergency Communication during climatic situation, use in national security, space exploration, taking pictures, (GPS) Global Positioning system. For detecting Gama Re Beast, getting previous warning for upcoming atomic explosions, attacks or ground military etc and to detect oil, natural gas and various fuels, for making digital maps etc.



Cadet Safa/643


In Bangladesh music has served the purpose of documenting the lives of the people and was widely patronized by the rulers. The music of Bangladesh comprises a long tradition of religious and secular song-writing over a period of almost a millennium. But it’s a matter of great sorrow that, now-a-days our young stars prefer only the songs like Lungi Dance, Boom Diggy and what not? Nobody don’t know about our traditional music’s. So, it’s a simple try to shake their knowledge of listening music.

            At first, classical music. Bangladeshi classical music is based on modes called ÔÔraagsÕÕ.All traditional Bengali music tend to be based on various variations of Hindustani classical music. Lalon Fokir, Radharam Dutta, Hason Raja, Abbas Uddin and the other Luminaries came up with the most enriched musical arena, folk music, which are characterized by simple musical structure and words. Bhatiali, Bhawaiya, Dhamail, Gaazir Gaan, Ghazal, Gombhira, Jari, Sari, Jatra, Jhumur, Kirtan, Lalon etc, are the assets of our Bangladeshi music. The contribution of Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam to our music’s is noteworthy. Their songs are full of emotions, revolutionary motions, spiritual, philosophical and romantic themes. The music composition, tunes and instrumentals are outstanding!! Modern songs are also heart touching. Although, to outsiders, this may seem like on ambiguous nomenclature, it has particular motivation. After the independence, Bangladeshi rock was introduced by Nasir Ahmed Apu of Spondan Band. ÔOre Saleka’, ÔHigh court er Majhare’ vocal by Azam khan of Uccharon still vibrate our heart. These are the part and parcel of our Bengali culture. But these are being insulted by us. I think it’s not so much pathetic for us if we listen MomochitteNitiNrittyeke je Nache Ta TaThayThay ...... side by side let’s nacho.  





Unbeaten champion in Volleyball, Badminton, Runner-up in Handball, Cricket. Cadet Maria (613) and Cadet Rifa (562) have become the best player in Handball Competition. Cadet Lily Shine (718) has snatched away the prize of ÔÔBest Bowler’ in Inter House Cricket Competition. Cadet Tahmida (608) and Cadet Punong June (535) have shown extraordinary performance in Inter House Badminton Competition.

Not only in Inter House Competition but also in the ICCLMM-2018 the Khadizians have shown their extraordinary talent. Among 16 participants, 8 were Khadizians. Cadet Zeba (428), Cadet Sristy (430), Cadet Arpita (529), Cadet Iffat (524), Cadet Progga (522), Cadet Mofashewra (526), Cadet Shruti (570) and Cadet Tahira (711) not only uphold the dignity of the college but also the house

Retreating from the retrospect, this year the enthusiastic cadets of Khadiza House are leading with blazing hope of success and achievement. Throughout our journey towards victory we express our heartfelt gratitude and thankfulness to our respected House Master and hardworking House Tutors.

We hope and pray that this journey of blazing blues will touch the zenith of success by the grace of the Almighty Allah.


Cadet Nashrah

House Prefect





House motto             : Intellect be Advanced

House color              : Green

House Symbol          : Pen


“Life is all about the next steps”

We the vigorous 116 cadets of Ayesha house are always marching forward leaving our past behind in search of next steps by shaking our hands with reality. By nourishing the house motto, “Intellect be Advanced” in our mind, we are always ready to accept any kind of upcoming challenges.

The erudite cadets of Ayesha house have always kept academics as the dominant concern in their course of business. They have shown scholarly demeanor in all internal and public exams in Cadet College. Cadet Sadia(723) from class  vii, Cadet Sneha(672) from Class viii, Cadet Sarabia(634), Cadet Sanjana(529) From Class ix. From Class x, Cadet Farjana(584), Cadet Mahbin(581). From Class xi Cadet Nuder(486) and Cadet Rubaiya(462), Cadet Saleha(460) are always trying to wrest away the academics trophy by their wisdom.

In the stage, the tender hearts of Ayesha house have kept no stone unturned in presenting their mesmerizing performance, Cadet Somoy(447), Cadet Mahamuda (448) Cadet Jahan(583), Cadet Tasfia(593), Cadet Iffat(580), Cadet Tazbiha(620), Cadet Atkia(623), Cadet Tashim(621), Cadet Jeem(661) and Cadet Humaira Adiba(678) hare shown their excellence to bring success. Moreover, devoted contribution of the Ayeshian have brought championship in inter house music competition of the year 2018. The Ayeshians have achieved champion positions in inter house Qirat, Bangla Poetry recitation, Bangla debate, wall magazine and painting competitions.

Ayesha house has also achieved glorious championship in inter house indoor games competition with the marvelous performance of Cadet Sarah(459),Cadet Sabila(446), Cadet Faiza(499), Cadet Labiba(538), Cadet Eusha(629),Cadet Kahana(631),Cadet Munia(636) and



Dream it True.....

Cadet Rounak/731

What is ÔDream?’ What does it seem to you? Is it that what you enjoy while sleeping? Or something that doesn’t let you sleep?

Life is a tediously long way where we are to journey. We are like trifled walkers with sorrows. Sometimes some sort of small happiness pretends like a termination of all the trifle sorrows. That very abstract conscious that brings this happiness is the dream you dream.

Everyone has a dream of his or her own. If you have a dream and want to make it true, then go towards your way. Never depend on others. Because in darkness, your shadow also fades away from you. Walk alone towards your destination. No one is you and that’s your power. You can realize what you have in you when you stand alone. Only take your heart with you. It will never lie to you.

In the way, obstacles’ will come. They will hinder you. You will be angry. You will suffer from depression. But, merely you are the one who can tackle these, as the problems are not stop sign. They are guidelines. You will be sad. But you can never know happiness nevertheless you know sadness. Never be depressed. Your moment will come. Just wait to catch it.

Fortune is standing before your door. But it will never come unless you bring it. Go for it. Don’t express yourself. Don’t share anything. Never explain. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies will believe it. May be anything is killing you from deep down your heart yet, show and act like you just don’t care. Never doubt yourself. If you start going, nothing can stop you. Don’t fear to lose what needs to be lost. Your only enemy is yourself. If you are doing what you like to do, then you are just diminishing your time. Don’t wait for others. You start right now. If everyone dreads, then you start. You be the pioneer. Remember, Fear has two meaning, Forget everything run and face everything and rise.’ choice is yours.

If dream is yours, then what are you waiting for? Don’t imitate others. Don’t be a copy-cat. Be Yourself. Make your dream a true-one. Make yourself true. And, ÔÔDon’t let anyone steal your dream’’


He was so much surprised and happy that tears of happiness roll down from his eyes. For the first time he realized that yes, girls can also do. He wants Nitin to come back but it is too late. Nitin is no more........


While coming to hospital to see her father NItin was thinking that today she could do something for her father. Thinking this she became so happy but her happiness turned into a sea of blood as soon as a bus ran over her. She is dead but there stills a smile in her face. The last smile of Nitin that expresses all emotions and feelings of Nitin’s life.





























Cadet Sampurna Chakma(638). In inter House Math Olympiad Cadet Rubaiya(462), Cadet Kohinoor (451), Cadet Saily(489),Cadet Arpita(628), Cadet Rupkontee(724) and other have achieved championship with their brilliant result.

Vigorous youths of Ayesha house have proved their stamina and ardor in all the games and sports too. The performance of Cadet Sabila(446),CadetJuhaina(464),CadetAspiya(591),Cadet Atkia(623), Cadet Faria(679) have made notable contribution to make the house champion in inter house handball competition 2018. Cadet Sanzana(596) become the best bowler in inter house cricket competition. Moreover, Cadet Redia(425), Cadet Fiza(454), Cadet Noushin(450),Cadet Raisa(458), Cadet Tasfia(488), Cadet Maharonnasa(496), Cadet Mim(501), Cadet Ankon(487), cadet Fahmida(635), Cadet Lamia(639) and Cadet Pallabi have made appreciable contribution to make the house runners up in volleyball, basketball and badminton competitions. Cadet Fahmida(635) achieved the best player trophy in both volleyball and basketball competition.

Our Ayesha house has also become champion in inter house dance compition 2018 following the wonderful efforts of Cadet Tayeba(461), Cadet Eshika(490),Cadet Samia(492), Cadet Saiyara(587) and Cadet Miskatul(730).

Our cadets have also exemplified their potentialities on the stages of inter cadet college events. Cadet Saleha(460), Cadet Faiza(499), Cadet Swagata(633), Cadet Jeem(661) and Cadet Adeeba(664) showed Wonderful Performance in the arena of ICCLMM 2018.

Cadet Noushin(450) has achieved the best position paper in BUPMUN( Model United Nations) which was a unique achievement for our college. Cadet Sabila(446) represented our college in the adventure training organized by Stowe school in UK and have showed marvelous performance in the field of that country.

Moreover, we have many other cadets in our house who are all the time striving and working behind the screen to expand the demarcation of our glory like Cadet Mohsina(452), Cadet Sharmin(463), Cadet Navin(491), Cadet Oishee(494), Cadet Aurpa(498), Cadet



Tahmin(500),CadetFairooz(502),CadetNusiba(579),Cadet Tasnim(621),Cadet Zaina(632),Cadet Sarabia(634),Cadet Tanha(637) and many more.

“Unity is Strength”. We the cadet of Aysha House are always vigilant to fight against any obstacle in our cadet life holding this blessing unity in our mind. 116 tender hearts share all their love, happiness as well as grief like a family in our house.

“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” and with this hard working we are endeavoring to snatch away the overall champion trophy back in this year. We also give warm thanks to our House Master and enthusiastic house tutors for being always there by our side.

May the Almighty Allah be with glazing greens of Aysha House.


Cadet Sabila

House prefect















ÔÔThe last smile’’

Cadet Sadia/723


Today’s morning seems to be more different, more beautiful than other days to Nitin. A mild foggy wind is blowing and the flowers of her garden are dancing in the blow of the wind. They are shinning in the sunlight of the morning like a pool of stars in the sky. This flower garden is her world and the flowers are her companions.

            Ring! Ring! Nitin’s phone is ringing. Nitin receives her phone and comes to know that her father is about to die in the hospital. He is badly in need of some money.

            Nitin is a very poor girl. She has nothing in this world except a flower garden and a little hut. Her mother died during her birth. Her father is a rich person but he has deprived her of wealth as well as paternal affection. She has a brother who lives in America because of business purpose. He has shifted there permanently with his wife and children. Her father thinks that girls are worthless. They are good for nothing. He used to make Nitin to do the house hold works from her very childhood. He tried to give her marriage. But Nitin’s luck didn’t favour her. None married her because of her dark colored skin. None ever could understand Nitin. Having a bad idea about girls Nitin’s father threw her away from house. In spite of living far away from her family she thinks of her father, brother and so she keeps contact with their neighbour. She lives her livelihood by selling her flowers.

            Now –a-days, Nitin’s father is suffering from a severe heart disease. He has already spent a lot of money but suddenly yesterday night it took a very bad turn and doctor told operation immediately. And for this some money is essentially needed for him. His neighbours admitted him to the hospital and phoned Nitin for her help. They also called her brother but he didn’t response. Hearing the news, Nitin immediately sends some money to her father. But still there is a shortage of money. Then she plucks all off her flower and sells them at a very high rate. She then sends it also. Her father’s operation becomes successful. When her father hears that his all expenses are bored by Nitin he just becomes speechless.


We should not be disappointed. Rather we should work hard and hard with our best effort because failure is the pillar of success.

There is also a saying of Abdul Kalam that, If you want to be shiner like sun, First of all you must burn in the fire of sun. So, we must have patience, we must have to be stronger. We must make our heart strong. And we must maintain the honest ways and other virtues to be a successful human being. And if we can do it, we can achieve such kind of great heart, we will remain in the heart of people forever after our death. And I think,

ÔÔ This is the greatest achievement of the world as a human being.’’







































Cadet Tasnia/777

I was child like the other

But I had a special person like my mother;

She gave me everything I want

And she ensures more than I thought.

She cared me more than her.

I know that she still loves me more than other;

She became worried if I was weak,

She thought about me more than all can think.

And now, she has to stay for away from me

Counting days at home.

And now, I am here and crying for her;

For the woman I am from.

Now I realize, how lucky she is for me

She feels proud of me

I know she loves me

And she is better than me for me.

And now, I want to tell you

That I could never;

Mother, I love you a lot,

Please, be with me, love me forever.....


Cadet Fahmida/635

We were blessed

With a paradise

Everything around

So charming, so nice

The beasts came in

They snatched all we had

They were that kind of bad

But we fought

And the world welcomed us

             With Garlands

That’s how it ends.


Life and the reality

Cadet Sinha/725


The summation of happiness, sorrows, success and failure can combindly make a life fulfill. Cause if there is no sorrow in our life, how would we realize the feeling of Happiness? And this also same to ÔÔ Failure Success.’’ But the people who remain happy with only the money and wealth, are not the happiest person. Because they don’t realize anything, they wanted more and more. But it is joyful that there are also some people who help the people and work for the mankind silently throughout their whole life. And they get the happiness in these and think themselves the happiest person. But for being such kind of humanitarian, it is needed to take the proper education. Proper education does not mean the certificate only, it also provides the manners and courtesy. So it can’t be taken from the only educational institution, but also should be taken from everywhere. Our famous poet of Bangali literature Dr. Shunirmo lBashu said,

wek¦ ‡Rvov cvVkvjv †gvi

mevi Avwg QvÎ|

That means the whole world is a university and I am a student of all. So we should learn from everything even the lifeless things also can teach us e.g.- the sun, the moon, the air, the sea and what not. It is education that can be gained from born to death.

Our beloved prophet (sm) said,

            Gain knowledge first to last.

-‡`vjbv n‡Z Kei ch©šÍ Ávb AR©b Ki|

And after gained proper education, we will be the proper humanitarian. Then we can love the people from our deep of the heart and find happiness in sacrificing. This is the morality of the life. But it is too hard to be the proper human being. For this one has to give everything and he has to cross many dangerous steps. And who will cross this by burning will be the successful human being and will get love and praise from each and every person. But before this one success, many failure will come.


But at first get refreshed. Go ...,’’ said mom. In the dining table, while eating dad asked mom, ÔÔ Where is the little girl?” ÔÔ Don’t worry. She is now sleeping in our bedroom after having her dinner.’’ Then Mom and Dad went to their bedroom and it was almost 2:00 am. Thus my mom ended her story.

But after some moments, mom again started. And said, ÔÔ My dear, Your Prapty Apu is that little girl.’’ ÔÔ What !’’ I was astonished. And we stopped for a while. Then mom again started-

  • Yes, my dear. Your Prapty Apu is an orphan now. In the next day, after admitting her father; her father died. So, now, your Dad and me are her parents. And always remember, never hurt your Prapty Apu by remembering her past. Never do it. Ok?
  • - Ok, Mom. I’ll never hurt Prapty Apu. because, she is the best Apu.
  • That’s like a good girl.

Though we’re not Prapty Apu’ near and dear ones, her attitude never shows it. She always treat our family as her own family. And mom and dad are also trying to fulfill her dream.

Now, she is a very good student and completing her graduation from a renowned university. Now, Prapty Apu wants to be a professor of a university and her dream is very near to her. And all these happened, because of my Dad. Prapty Aapu is very grateful to Dad. Because, 17 years ago the girl who was shivering in cold sitting on the road, today she is on the way to establish herself. And for my Dad, she got a new life. Prapty Apu got her new life for my dad’s humanity. Really, I’ve never seen a person like my dad. He is the superhero. He is my inspiration.






In the darkness of Ashes

Cadet Nafisa/763


If there is a fault of me,

Don’t leave me in the darkness of Ashes.

If I give you pain, forgive me.

Don’t leave me in the darkness of Ashes.

If I am an arrogant person, rectify me

Don’t leave me in the darkness of Ashes

If I cut a sketch on your mind of cruelty,

Don’t leave me in the darkness of Ashes.

If I am dead, don’t leave me in the darkness of Ashes

Because I will love you forever.


You are special

Cadet Jahan/583

The way you look at me

It fills up my heart,

The words you say to me

Encourages me to dream.

Whenever you kiss my forehead

I can feel your energy

Pulsating down my back.

When you scold me

            I get numb and whole world cries

Your absence stab my mind

            All the time

Your presence makes the flowers

            Bloom in my garden.

At the end of the day,

            I’m just nothing without you.

I love you Ammu.





A Single Word Mother


Cadet Nafisa/763


A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ

When we feel alone

And want to get a touch of happiness

We remember.

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ

When our dream break

And we wake up from the sleep

And get afraid

We remember,

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ

When we fall any danger

And search a hand of help

We remember,

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ

When we see to the moon at night

And think a face of our dear

We remember.

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ

When anybody hurts us

And we get pain

And want to share it with anybody

We remember.

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ


Now I am far from you

And I am missing a lovely face

So Now I remember

A single word, ÔÔ Mother.ÕÕ




ÔÔ My superhero, Saviour of the World.’’


Cadet Tasfia/607


When I was in class are, my mom told me a story. Actually, it was an unbelievable incident. It was too much astounding.

It was, 2001; after some days of my parents’ anniversary. But date was not so clear to my mom. But she could assume that it was winter season. Mom and dad went to the shopping mall with a plan to buy some gifts for all the family members to make them startle. It was 10 O’clock, their shopping was about to end. Then they hired a rickshaw. Within 5 minutes Dad told the rickshaw puller to stop pulling. Handed over all the bags, dad started running and crossed the road. And stopped at two persons. Both were freezing and shivering in cold, as they didn’t have any type of warm cloth. One of them was a little girl, perhaps she was about 7/8 years old and she worn a cotton dress with half sleeve. Beside the girl, her father was lying on the road and he was also shivering. When Dad went to them, the girl cried out and said-uncle, uncle !please give us warm clothes or a blanket. Please uncle. Seeing such situation, my dad couldn’t control himself. His soft mind was telling him to help them. Then dad took two bags from mom and gave these two to them. In the bags, there were a blanket and a jacket. These were bought for my grandma and cousin. Then, Dad asked to the girl-

- Have you taken dinner?

- No uncle. We’re very hungry. My father also needs medicine, because he has been suffering from ever. But we’ve no money.

Hearing these, humanity arose in my Dad. And then dad told to mam to take the girl with her and to go to home. Then dad told to Mom, ÔÔ I’ll be back after admitting the man to the hospital. Don’t worry.’’ Then Dad hired a rickshaw for them. When it was 1:00 am, dad came back at home and told. ÔÔ At last, I’ve admitted the man. But his condition is so bad, now give me my meal. I’m so hungry.’’ ÔÔ Ok, I’m giving. All are ready.                                  27

Dear Teacher: Priceless excuses written by Parents to their child’s teacher

Cadet Srotosshini/565


Over 30 years, Patrice Romain, a French educator collected those gems- funny, moving and full of good or bad faith, written by parents to their child’s teacher. Those are collected from Mots D’Excuse, Lintegrale. Here is a pick of the best:

  • Sorry that Brandon was late he told me the wind was against him as he walked to the school. Thank you.
  • I’m not going to tell you some cock-and-bull story. Didier didn’t come to school yesterday because he had an acute attack of laziness. But for once, I’m not going to judge him, and I hope you won’t either.
  • Please excuse Theo’s absence last week. But it you knew the price of going skiing outside at the school holidays, and it you could do it, you would. Thank you for understanding.
  • Sorry my daughter was away yesterday because there was a math’s test and it’s true that she has a tummy ache when there’s a moths test.
  • Please don’t be too hard on my son for his bad grades. Wasn’t Einstein himself a lousy pupil? No-one knows what the future has in store for him.

Thank you for understanding.

  • I’m letting you know that my son hasn’t done his moth home work. But as he doesn’t want to study science later on, it doesn’t matter, does it?

From Mots D’ExcuseL’Integrale (2014) by Patrice Romain.



My dear Father


Cadet Nafiza/588

Mighty of course, a brave word on Universe

Yield strength, courage; not frivolous

Do you get any cable to what I say?

Albeit, it’s an allegorical wave of bay

Dad, it’s you to whom all these verses will stay.

I went to many dry lands, seashores; saw divergent hue

Still I never found an electron or proton as great as you!

(Oh) Almighty Allah, I know you cal alibi all facts

Honey is sweet, breeze pacifies the facade of world

Echidna is rare, but good daddy is a precious gift of lord

Rubble of circumstances and qualities fill up the life

Oh! All are not so inspiring, peaceful and revive

To me, just you nurtured me from infancy, gives moral of life


Motivated to the Rhythm

Cadet Faiza/675

I saw some crane

Flying in a chain

Drenched in rain.

Dying out of pain

I thought life is a strain

It doesn’t have a brain

Mugs everyone in a chain

But I’ll surely save my crown.

Won’t look anymore down.

Whatever I’ll gain

Will never let it go to vain.






ÔÔEvil Verses Honesty’’

Cadet Karar/729


You don’t, know how it feels

Having spines inside the heart,

There shall be millions of ages

To know about the truth.

You ode, I recall

I had faced such mishaps,

You only know how to

Keep that thing up....

I may fail, you win

But you are not the winner,

ÔÔ The real victory comes from

Inside the heart........... ’’

You have brain, I also. But,

Uses are different.........

You used to fill the trap

I liked to open.

One day, you will have

What you had done...........

That day is never so close,

Not even so far.........

ÔÔI don’t know what is

Victory to me!’’

I only know I have to

Work hard within time.

As, alone I can walk fast

But, cannot run moving,

You have to help me always,

Thus, I can feel it.........






Loving them and staying alone would be aberrant. But I did not show tears, because if I cry now my mom will make a river filled with her tears. Next milk break with parents. Probably the last meal with mom and dad. This time I could not control my tears as it was the time to abandon them. I busted into tears and they rolled down from my eyes to my cheeks. My guide Apu consoling my mom saying 12 days , such a short term.’’ But I knew what those 12 days meant. And in those 12 days I was eagerly waiting to see my mom and dad............ 



























The time of controled Bursting Tears

Cadet Tabassum/759


ÔÔ Please sign here.’’ My dad was filling the last forms. Those were of some banks and money related stuff. I could see many other girls around me. They all were white salwar kameez and of course boy cut hair.

At a far distance where some table were set, each naming Fatima House, Khadiza House and Ayesha House. I saw some people standing wearing khaki uniform. They all were having three golden strips in their epaulettes. They were gossiping with each other silently. I was holding my mom. She was just crying. Crying since we started for Feni. Well it never stopped. I was standing in front of the grand ÔÔBir Shresto Mostafa kamal Auditurium.’’ From here my journey started. The 6 long years journey that is still continuing. After a while I was called to one of the tables. They discussed some topics with mom and dad while I was looking around. Then someone wearing khaki uniform came to me and greeted us. She was of class nine and was my grand guide Apu. We followed her as she was taking us to my house. I finally reached my house. Bright Scarlet colour walls. Everywhere red and big labeled words say, ÔÔFATIMA HOUSE’’. Then as we entered my house, again another Apu of class eight welcomed me with a card and some sweets. Mom as always crying. I was just thinking of the people around me they all had strips. 1, 2,3,4,5 so many confusing strips. How do I understand which person belonged to which class off confusing. Always, we went upstairs to 4th floor and entered room number: 406. Why is the room so big, why so many people, how many beds here and all those stupid questions hit in my mind? Well I deemed Cadet College like this and did not react. It was bigger than how I imagined it would be. I got a corner compound which was awesome. We arranged some stuffs and left the place. In sometime a cultural function started in the auditorium and of course the principal’s speech. Throughout the whole program I was thinking how I would stay here without my parents.                                   



Cadet Syeda/743

ÔÔMother’’ the sweetest word,

Nothing but heard like a bird.

The sparkle, glorious woman


Mother, oh my beloved mother,

Amazing thy are,

Beautiful they are,

They are everything for me.

And the most caring word ÔÔFather’’,

His advice makes me riser.

The noble, great man


Father, oh my dear father;

Best they are,

Inspiring thy are,

Loving they are;

Thou both are the world for me.


Cadet Tafrida/532

Where the moon is bright with glowing pride,

No illusions to blind your eyes,

Fear of chaos no longer in sight,

I wish I was there.


Where the river is calm with water so blue,

No one to expose your imperfections,

No regrets to weigh you down,

I wish I was there.


Where the sweet smell of breeze fills the air,

Purifies your soul with so much care,

Taking you away from this hypocrite world,

The overwhelming need to escape from those all,

Drawing me in with such a great allure,

I just wish I was there,

To give my heart the peace it desires.     


Papa: An unsolved Mystery

Cadet Samadrita/495


I’ve seen you to be wrathful, to be incensed with rage.

But I haven’t seen your inner grief and lament,

May be I never aged enough to do it so.

I’ve seen you to scold me, to hit me also.

But I haven’t thought about your emotions and feelings for me,

May be I never tried to do it so.

I’ve remembered your all the teases and clamors

But I haven’t remembered the sweet moments spent with you,

May be I never interested to do it so.

I’ve looked at your eye but I’ve found only the fire.

Because I never tried to keep my eyes behind your outer screen

to explore the feelings that you have for me.

Once I was afraid of you.

But now I don’t feel it rather an unknown perception works on me

When I look at you.

You gave me all the things wanted,

Fulfilled my all the demands but I’m sorry,

I may can’t give comprehend how could you fulfilled my all the wishes

Where there was too difficulties.

Now I think, why you’re so special to all the decedents like me

But still to me you’re completely an unsolved mystery.........